How Can TouchPoll South Florida Help You?

Grow Your Attendance, Attract New Sponsors, Generate Revenue...Turn Research into Action!

1. Consultation. We work with you pre-event, to learn your goals and needs. We design your customized survey program and put our experience to work to get the greatest statistically significant results. Our goal is work together as partners of each event to assure that we are collecting the demographic information you need as well as effectively learn how to improve the event and its various components including sponsorships, advertising, entertainment, food, parking, guest experience and other areas of interest.


Post-event, we provide a clear consise report to gain key insights to your event or venue. We are also available to conduct group presentations to key stakeholders, board members, local businesses and affiliates.

2. Expertise. We work with you to create compelling incentives and signage displays to make attendees willing and happy to share information with us. We know how to invite your visitors with the utmost warm and welcoming professionalism to gather information effectively and with a minimum of intrusion.

3. Sensitivity. We respect your attendees. We understand the value of your data and the importance of security. The data is collected for your use ONLY and is never sold to a third party.

4. Efficiency. With our paperless touch screen tablets, your easy-to- navigate and user-friendly report is available quickly, enabling you to move ahead with follow-up marketing offers, create effective sponsor wrap up reports and press releases with data-rich content; as well as use for strategic planning and sponsorship sales opportunities.

TouchPoll surveys are extremely valuable when you need quick and accurate data for:

  • Grants - Tourism, Arts
  • Sponsorship Packages - Event Wrap-Up Reports
  • Visitor Demographics, Lifestyle Profiles
  • Advertising/Marketing Strategy
  • Experience Feedback and Evaluation
  • E-mail List Collection/Lead Generation
  • Economic Impact Studies
  • Demonsrating Value and Viability of an Event
  • Identifying Areas of Potential Growth and Partnerships
  • Gaining Community Support
  • Creating a Relevant Media Story
  • Brand/Product Evaluations
  • Issue/Image Polling

Economic Impact Studies

What does your event bring to an area in terms of dollars and how do those dollars impact your community?


Economic impact studies helps to see the "BIG PICTURE" in terms of influx of revenue into the local economy (boost in business creating full time jobs), stimulation of local economy and sustaining of businesses.


Results of Economic Impact Studies can help gain support of local business, residents, charities, non-profits by demonstrating economic effects of a festival to the community--not only in dollars but in social capital and branding/marketing of a city or area.

TouchPoll South Florida along with our team of experts will custom design the research (because no two events or areas are alike), collect the data, and apply all of calculations and economic multipliers to the various spending components of your event.


Contact us today to see how our custom research strategies can help you.

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