On Site Surveys...That's What We Do!

Knowing more about visitors to your event, venue, area or festival is critical to your success. TouchPoll, the touch screen research system, simplifies that often time-consuming survey process.


TouchPoll is the on-site touch screen research system that allows us to easily survey your visitors - right at the point of experience - eliminating the hassle of clipboard or phone surveys, comment cards, mail-out surveys--all with time-intensive tabulation. With point of experience surveys, we capture feedback and demographic data for keen insights to your event, venue or attraction, as well as gathering emails for your future marketing offers--all conveniently on site. 


With TouchPoll's exclusive touch screen system, we offer a customized survey based on your specific needs. Respondents participate directly to the touch screen tablet, eliminating interviewer bias and allowing for discreet responses to sensitive questions.

This research methodology meets the needs of both the client and the respondent—we get immediate valuable and meaningful feedback and survey data while being fast and fun for the respondent!

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